About Podiamed Ltd

Philip Wright D.Pod.M.

I trained at the Chelsea School Of Chiropody which at the time was one of two schools in London. I qualified in 1978 and began to practice in Uckfield. In 1979 I started to practice in Eastbourne and moved to No1 Lushington road in 1991. Around 1993 the term Podiatrist was adopted as this was the internationally recognised term for Chiropody . Since then the general public has been confused about the term but the reality is that Chiropody and Podiatry are one and the same.

A generalist Podiatrist such as myself has been trained to treat not only common conditions such as hard skin ,in-growing toenails , Verruca Pedis and Athletes foot but we also have expert knowledge in bio-mechanics ( foot function) and a wide knowledge of many general medical conditions that have effects on the feet and lower limb in general. We do not treat the foot in isolation to the rest of the body.Both James and myself regularly attend courses to keep ourselves updated with the latest treatments and clinical advances

I have a special interest in using mid laser therapy for the treatment of heel pain Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendinitis

Mr James Wright BSc. Hons

James joined the practise in October 2011 and has a special interest in musculo skeletal mechanics and is able to give expert advise on orthotics. James also is able to prescibe POM medicines.

In the practice we also have access to a Registered Osteopath and a fully qualified Beautician and Masseuse.

I have always strived to provide the highest possible standard of client care and take pride in the good reputation of this practice and will always continue to develop and maintain a high clinical standard.

If you have pain in your feet and legs go and see a Podiatrist soon,many conditions in feet respond well to early assessment and treatment . DON'T PUT IT OFF SEE SOMEONE NOW . FOR ADVICE RING 01323 721814

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