Common Conditions

Ingrowing Toenails

Although these can be very painful with the correct treatment great relief can be effected and if necessary a local anaesthetic can be given to the patient to help make the treatment more comfortable.

Hard Skin /Corns

Probably the most common reason for foot discomfort is the build up of thickened skin on the foot . This can easily be reduced by a competant clinincian, who can also give advice on controlling the build up. In most cases it is a straightforward matter of careful removal and advice with regard to footwear that can provide a significant improvement in comfort


The Treatment of verrucae usually requires a short intensive course of treatmentto eradicate the virus. Early diagnosis and an appropriate treatment regime produces the quickest results.

Athletes Foot/Fungal Nails

This fairly common condition is readily treatable especially Athletes Foot, however fungal nails can be difficult to eradicate. If toenail fungus is caught early it is far easier to deal with. I now use a treatment for nail fungus which is called PACT MED it is a new treatment for nail fungus which is showing good results.

Pain in the Heel and Arch

Early diagnosis of the cause of the pain and appropriate treatment can give good results which can be permanent . I use a variety of methods to cure this problem such as the use of laser and ultrasound and an thorough examination of the foot function to determine the cause of the pain . Sometimes it is necessary to issue insoles to correct an underlying mechanical problem .


If you are a diabetic either type1 or 2 you should take particular care of your feet and a Podiatrist is fully trained to give you that care.

Large Superficial Ulcer

This ulcer was found after debriding thick skin on the base of the foot

Large Superficial Ulcer

After six days the repair is almost complete.