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Hahn Medical Systems PACT MED

This new pain free treatment for fungally infected nails is now available at the surgery .The photographs were taken 5 months apart and show a good improvement even on badly affected nails.Because the infection was so bad I used a pinhole + pact method

Fungal nail

Toe nail


Nail fungus can be very difficult to eradicate from the nail. There are several ways to get rid of nail fungus, if the fungal infection on the nail is very light and there has not been much disruption to surface of the nail it may be possible to treat with a topical ( surface ) treatment.However most fungal nails involve some surface invasion and as such it can be difficult to remove.

Pact Med

PACT.....Photoactivated Antimicrobial Chemotherapy

This nail fungus treatment utilises the interaction between a photosensitising dye and light of 630nm . These two combined together kill the fungus and bacteria there is no heating of the tissue so no pain!

PACT Med Treatment for Fungally Infected Nails

1. Clean the nail and the surrounding area thoroughly

2. Apply photosensitive Pact Med gel for 10 mins

3. Apply Pact Med light for 9.5 mins

4. Apply antifungal cream supplied every day during the course of the treatment.

This is done four times in two weeks initialy and then every other month for about 3 times. In total the treatment duration is about six/seven months

If nails are badly infected it sometimes take longer to eradicate the fungus.

There are no side affects and no pain and this treament can be used to treat fingernails as well , and is suitable for children

Further Information

If you would like further infomation on this new fungal nail treament please ring or email using our contact page. If ringing please ask to speak to Mr Wright Snr .