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Podiamed Ltd

26 - Apr - 2015

State Registered Chiropodist and Podiatrist...


Chiropodist / Podiatrist in Eastbourne


Welcome To Our Website

Mr P. A. Wright. D.Pod.M, M.Ch.S ,
HCPC member ch 07161 - Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists reg no 8199. Since 1978
Registered provider with WPA, HSA , NHS staff discount provider

Mr James Wright. Bsc (Hons) , D.Pod.M. Since 2011


We are based at No1 LUSHINGTON ROAD. Eastbourne, East Sussex and we offer high quality chiropody and podiatry services having been established for over 35 years. We aim to provide you with the very best treatments available.

Credit cards + Debit cards accepted

What We Offer You

At our Clinic for chiropody and podiatry treatments located at 1 Lushington Road, we offer our services to the general public and provide you with a range of services that help with all your chiropody and podiatry issues. We can also provide surgery and home visits by appointment to anyone residing throughout the whole of Eastbourne and surrounding area

Our services focus on:

  • The treatment of dermatological and other foot related problems, i.e. corns, callouses, verrucas, in-growing toenails and fungal infections
  • Long-term management of chronic foot disorders
  • Therapeutic techniques, such as minor surgery using local anaesthesia
  • Monitoring and managing foot problems and deformities
  • Analysing a person's walk or run and correcting anatomical relationships between different segments of the foot
  • Laser and Ultrsound treatment for soft tissue and joint pain
  • Delivering foot health education for all ages and medical conditions
  • Advice and care given to Diabetics and other high risk patients

Professional, Reliable and Experienced

Here at Podiamed ltd we take pride in the reputation of this practice and will continue to develop and maintain the highest clinical standards.

All work is carried out by a fully qualified and experienced chiropodist and podiatrist who is registered with the H.C.P.C ( and is also a registered provider with WPA

Get in Touch

When you need chiropody/podiatry services in Eastbourne and the surrounding areas, get in touch with us today here at Podiamed Ltd on (01323) 721814. If you have any foot or ankle pain, see a Podiatrist now! Don't delay, remember... We can also provide surgery and home visits by appointment to anyone residing throughout the whole of Eastbourne and surrounding areas.
Click here to check for available appointments.

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